Playtime with Snickers

I’m always looking for new ways to engage with Snickers because he & I just don’t click. Riding him feels like a chore for both of us because he has so little forward inclination. In an effort to connect with him, I started looking for creative ways to play.

Using body language and verbal questions as a guide, we played with the cones. We have never done this before. I saw the wheels turning for him as he puzzled out what I was asking him to do and why. Staying creative is an important part of any horse-human relationship.

Snickers is not in training with me, he belongs to a friend who graciously lends Snickers to me as one of my Equine Gestalt Coaching partners.

If Snickers speaks to your heart, you can meet him by scheduling a private EGC Session with us!

Text 303-598-6413 to book your session

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