The Cost of Neglect

Dear Woman,

I am so sorry that you knew fear at such a tender age. I am sorry that you woke up alone, with nobody there to comfort you from your nightmares. It isn’t right, that the wants of adults were put before the needs of your little soul. It isn’t right that you were left wondering where everyone had gone.

It isn’t right that today, you stand as a woman, wondering what it is that you had done wrong. It isn’t right that today you continue waiting for the next person to leave, believing that you drive them away, that you are not enough to make anyone stay.

I am sorry that your fear grips you so tightly you can neither let go of or hold on to those around you and you can’t trust the word of those who say they love you.

I’m sorry that displays of affection give rise to suspicions and someone’s word given means nothing, because the actions of your guardians proved all the words wrong.

I’m sorry for all the deceptions and heartbreaks you have endured, for the tough love, or no love, when you deserved the softest, most tender care.

I am sorry that you haven’t yet heard the apology from the one you needed the most. My greatest hope is that someday it comes to you in the form you can receive it best.

Take heart, little one, you are not alone out there. I see you.

Stay Wild.

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