All Else Will Follow

Dear Woman,
My wish for you, is that you are able to stop breaking your own heart.
Stop seeking out others who are undeserving of you.
You look in the mirror and you see someone who is mean and impatient, awkward, unworthy. You listen to the lies of spurned lovers like its the gospel truth while their hate drips into you like poison, slowly eating you alive.

Pick someone in your life, someone you admire, someone you trust, a good friend, a best friend, and take a moment to see yourself through their eyes. See the goodness that is your truth, the sense of humor that lights you up from the inside, the compassion that compels you to care so deeply for the welfare of others, the kindness you extend to small children and animals, the warmth in your smile, the quick wit in your speech, the inner and outer beauty that is uniquely you.

I hope you will learn with a down-to-your-bones knowing, that society’s rules and standards of beauty and perfection are not real. They are not real. The “standard” changes in the industry with the seasons, the only goal to make us insecure so we buy their products and they line their pockets.

Real beauty comes from accepting your authentic self. As long as you like you, no one else’s opinion matters.
This inner knowing and acceptance sparks in others the permission to accept themselves.

My hope for you, dear woman, is that you embrace your inner spark, your uniqueness, your joys, your sorrows, and all that makes you you, and you commit yourself to a lifelong pursuit of crafting the life you desire.

I hope that you become the person of your dreams. All else will follow.

With deep love from,

The Heart of a Mare

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