A Vulnerable Conversation with Your Horse

In your most vulnerable moments, are you afraid that if you really show up for your horse, he might not like you?

Are you afraid that if you own up to your fear, lack of knowledge, or lack of experience, or other perceived short-coming you might have to give up your horse, and by proxy, give up your dreams?

Have you already at times visualized loading him in the trailer and waving goodbye?
Have you maybe even resigned your heart to the idea that you may never ride?

Have you come to these conclusions all in your head, on your own, without even talking to your horse?

Before you lose all hope, try this:

What if you go spend some time with your horse, and crack your heart open, let just a little vulnerability seep out. What if you lay your fears at the feet of your equine friend; spill your guts. Tell him that you feel like an imposter, or you’re afraid he wont like you. Tell him that you’re terrified to ride, or scared to get hurt or worried you might hurt him. If you find that you don’t trust your horse, tell him that too.
Be as open and honest as you possibly can. Allow your emotions and tears to flow freely.

Our horses are authentic with us 100% of the time. We owe it to them, and to ourselves, to give the gift of our authenticity and congruence. That is where they live, that is the language they understand.

Once you have spoken your truth to your horse, take a deep breath in through your nose.
Exhale slowly, and fully, out through your mouth. Take a moment to reflect.

What insights came to you while sharing with him? What insight has he shared with you in this time together?

No decisions are necessary at this juncture. There is no pressure to “do”.
Simply be present in the moment.
Once you feel complete, thank your horse for holding space for you.

With Love,
From the Heart of a Mare

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