What’s Your Crutch?

As I’m sitting here typing this, I am actively avoiding two of my crutches.
The TV and it’s enchantments pull at me to come sit on the couch and binge watch some mind-numbing, soul numbing, streamed in, curated just for me, content. Guaranteed to make sure I don’t have time to think any uncomfortable or unsettling thinks, or do anything productive.

My other crutch is more stealthy because it comes disguised as productivity. House Tidying.
I have a tendency to clean when I am angry, upset, anxious, or avoiding things. Things like marketing my business, for instance. Sometimes, the act of cleaning is therapeutic and for sure is a necessity, but I catch myself more often using it as an excuse to avoid the thing I should actually be doing.

These two things can even be combined to create a big, fat distraction, ensuring I get nothing actually done.
Why am I telling you this? Because blogging is something I have been actively avoiding, while cleaning and TV have led me astray with their sultry siren song. Also because I was challenged to figure out what my crutches are. The very first things that come to mind. The thing that you find yourself making excuses for.

For you, maybe it’s wine, whiskey, laser tag, social media, weed, shopping. I don’t have to tell you because you already know. It’s tickling the back of your brain right now, rattling the chain that’s looped around your self control, holding it captive. Wine & whiskey certainly have their place on my list of vices, but I don’t turn to them the way I turn to TV & tidying.

Why are we looking at crutches today? Because they no longer work for me (us?)!
Bringing awareness to the problem is the first step.
I see you, clutter & entertainment, you have no power over me!

This dysfunctional relationship no longer works for me because you suck hours of time out of my life & kill my productivity. There is a time & a place and you’re taking up too much of both.
There are uncomfortable feelings and thoughts I need to confront without my brain numbing out on me. Also, I want to be a committed blogger! I’m so sorry, but we have to break up.
We can still be friends. Maybe more like work friends – we see each other for allotted periods of time and then go our separate ways. Thanks for understanding.

This week I’m committed to tidying my home in the mornings before, during, and after coffee (another vice, currently unwilling to give it up) and before work (not a vice or a crutch).
TV will be limited to two hours or less per evening, giving me time for a good movie or show to wind down for the night. The point is making realistic goals that I can stick to, and not self sabotage!

What are your crutches? What baby steps can you take this week to move away from them?
Would love to hear in the comments or you can join me on Instagram.

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