Happy Horses

It’s so easy to take life for granted.

I’m sitting in a pasture watching steam rise from the backs of grazing horses, and I’m struck by the peacefulness of it all.

I’m also struck by how lucky I am that horses are a part of my life like a vein in my arm. How remarkable, that I spend my days in the presence of these holiest of creatures.

Whether I am with my own beloved equines, or working with other’s equine partners, I am living a life surrounded by grace.

The life I once daydreamed about in my cubicle has become my reality and it is pure joy.

My dream of a horse fueled, horse filled life continues to manifest and while I’m content in the present moment, I look forward to the ways these beautiful beings will continue to show up.

What are your dreams? What is a step you can take today toward your goals?

Even the smallest step can have great impact.

I hope you find a moment or two of peace today.

Happy Trails!

Coach Amanda

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