Lets Talk First Aid Kits

Keeping a well stocked emergency first aid kit is responsible horsemanship. You can buy some already stocked ones online with the basics, or you can curate your own.
Below is a list of the essentials you should acquire for your equine first aid kit.

Amanda Soper Equine has no affiliation with any of the brands shown below.

Betadine – Wound cleaning prep, antiseptic
Fura-Zone – Antiseptic to use on wounds
Triple Antibiotic – for use on wounds, horse or human
Blood Stop – to stop bleeding of minor wounds, farrier cuts, etc
Swat – Great for heavy fly season and keeping flies out of wounds
Epsom Salts – mix with water for soaking abscesses, or use an Epsom poultice
Coppertox/Pritox – For treatment of Thrush of the hooves

Vet Wrap – Many many uses, from bandaging wounds to padding side-pulls, always have a good stock
Vaseline – insertion of rectal thermometer, chapped lips, etc
Various Sizes of Gauze – obvious reasons, bandaging wounds
Cotton Rolls – various uses, bandaging wounds

Wet Wipes/Baby Wipes – for cleaning up wounds, cleaning hands
Diapers/Pads – For padding on wounds, hoof packs
Tampons -For plugging puncture wounds

Disposable Gloves – multiple uses, always use for applying topical wound ointments
Tweezers – pulling splinters, ticks, bugs, cactus
Stethoscope – Cheap and good to have on hand for vitals, abnormalities
Surgical Scissors – cutting bandages, removing long hairs from wound area, blunt end to prevent injuring horse
Duct Tape – multiple uses, always have on hand
Large, Unscented, Garbage Bags – For a clean space to put objects, tools, also for large wounds and cleaning up
Glow Sticks – For working in the dark
Flashlight – Extra Flashlight & Batteries for working in the Dark
Hoof Pick – Extra pick with pointed, sharp end for thorough cleaning, rock pulling
Notebook & Writing Utensil – For writing down notes for Vet, Vitals, Doctors instructions, etc
Extra Lead Rope & Halter – Multiple Uses, loose horse, clean halter, etc.
Sturdy Bin with Lid for Storage
or Bag for Storage and Easy Transportation

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