Dear Heart – “Help” is Not a Dirty Word

Dear Heart,
Asking for help is hard.  Accepting help leaves you feeling guilty. You’ve always been a do it yourself-er and a go-getter.  You don’t want to burden anyone with something that you are able to do on your own – even at a cost.  You bear your own burden quietly but your eyes are shimmering with the unasked question.   Your lips are bloody from biting back what needs to be said.   Let go of your pride.

As you deprive yourself of the help you know you need, you deprive others from the opportunity to assist you!  Allow those who love you to show you they care, because they have offered!  How sad for them and how sad for you that their compassion was met by the stone wall of your ego and fell flat.

It’s time.  If only just for today, allow yourself to soften. 
The tree that survives the storm bends, so that it does not break.  Sink into the warmth being offered to you and bask in it.  Guilt has no place in your heart today. Today you release what needs to be done, into the hands of someone else, so that you may rest.

orange cat sleeping on white bed
Rest, Dear Heart

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