Exploring Wild Proceno

It’s been a quiet few days here. The calmness of Proceno is soothing. Even with a slight uptick in the holiday “traffic”, we see ten or so people in a day.

My favorite hot spot so far, is the grocery store (surprise right?) with its tiny aisles, limited but adequate selection of things, and charming owner, who’s taller than nearly everyone else we’ve encountered, built like a mustachioed string bean. It’s quickly felt a comfort to walk through the door and here his friendly “Ciao, buongiorrno!”

Grocery Store – Negozio di alimentari

We did a little exploring of a walking path, down hills that inevitably must be walked back up, made worthwhile by the lush greenery and stone walls, and abandoned buildings that leave us speculating their former use and glory.

Our walk turned into a more adventuresome hike as we veered off the footpath into a very literal forest such that I could imagine the gnomes and the fairies peeking at us from their wee homes in the trees, the kind of place fairytales are born.

We were met by abandoned ruins you’d nearly miss if you don’t pay attention, so overtaken by nature they blend in, and the pathway covered in an archway of trees, accompanied by a stream that in places turned into a river – a slightly harrowing crossing greeted us, a bridge overrun by the river, cold water ankle deep, and moss slicked stone – we crossed with luck, no worse for wear except soggy socks and shoes.

The weather our first few days here was sunny and warm but I’ve been watching the forecast with great anticipation for the rain that began to move in on Tuesday. I love the rain and have been pleasantly surprised each time I step out the door and find it’s warmer than it appears, the fog and mist that has socked us in deceptive in its appearance. It adds to the charm and mystique of this former castle village. Dare I say, it even adds whimsy!

Castillo di Proceno

Alas, we still await our luggage, but that’s not the thing to focus on. We carry on with what we have, adding the basics that we can find as we go. Fingers and toes crossed our bags and guitar find their way back to us sooner than later.

More adventures await!

Sentieri Felici!

(Happy Trails 🍀)

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