PSA: You Don’t Have to be Nice

Woman!! You do not need to be nice to everybody! It is absolutely good and necessary to say no and hold the boundary. The pit in your stomach that clenches when you assert yourself – Override it! Say no anyway and move on! Get really good at it so that the pit doesn’t appear unless you betray yourself by saying yes to things that don’t serve you.

Saying yes to things you don’t want costs you. Being nice costs you!
It’s okay to say No. It’s okay to be polite and say No, Thank You. End of Story.
Other people’s opinion of your response is not your concern.
You must do what is best for you. You must put your well being first.
This is essential.
Learn the difference between niceness and kindness and practice it.
Learn what boundaries are true to you and practice them with a ruthlessness found only in high value women.

Become a high value woman.

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