The Journey Revised

Things have been a bit quiet here on the blog, so many changes have happened over the past three months it’s taken all that time to adjust.

While we were in Romania in the end of March/ early April, an opportunity sprang from the ether and before we knew it our world travels were turned upside down and we landed back home in Colorado.

We have experienced an outpouring of generosity as we made this giant pivot and it has certainly touched my soul in huge ways and taught me so much about friendship, the giving spirit, and the importance of connection.

As we transitioned from Travel mode to Home mode, we had the good fortune to stay with the most amazing friends, who welcomed us in December 2021 before we left, and then again in April 2022 without missing a beat, from the moment they picked us up at the Airport where our reunion was sweet and tear filled, to say the least. We swiftly and easily became the equivalent of a happy family unit and it was such a gift to spend such quality time with people who are so important to me.

When we met three years ago as horse trainer and clients, I never ever would have guessed our story and our paths would lead us to literally living together, but I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything.

In June, when we were supposed to have been traveling to Istanbul, Nepal, and then Thailand, we were instead packing our newly purchased car and heading for our next stop on this wild ride. More tears were shed as we said our goodbyes to our adopted family, and drove away from what has in my mind, become our second home.

The opportunity that came up for me, was to be the horse caretaker at the Touched by a Horse ranch in Colorado, where I did my Equine Gestalt Coaching Method training. While in Romania Gabe had asked me if I’d have any interest in the job that had come available and that question ignited our plans and blew them into the stratosphere – in a good way.

By that point in our travels, we had been pondering the best way to get to Thailand. There didn’t seen to be a best way, just a lot of really expensive ways. We were feeling a bit burned out on big cities; the last big city we experienced having been Budapest which neither of us would really recommend. Then we factored in what it would take to get home from Thailand, and the answers just kept coming up as exorbitant. 14 hour flights and thousands of dollars and we wouldn’t be any closer to home by July. So we aborted the mission and decided to head home.

Our new plans took us to Iceland, which has long been a beloved land of Gabe’s, and then to London, which was beautiful and immense and I would go back to visit in a heartbeat, even though it is indeed a massive city.

I’m sitting here now at the end of June 2022, in our little RV, which is our Homebase for now. It sits on the TBAH land. Land that is infused with love, grace, and healing. This place has long been the place I claim as home. I found myself here. I rebuilt myself here. I healed here. I met my community of like minded, kind hearted people here. For years I’ve called this place home, but not in my wildest dreams did I ever think it would be in the cards to live here.

My heart knew. The Universe knew.
My heart soars when I look out the window and see part of my vision come to life – my mare living out her golden years on pasture, with her beloved friend QT. She is healthy and happy and I can go out into the pasture and read or write with them there, in blissful peace on this sacred land. It was enough to know she was here when we left, but it is everything to be with her here in this place.

I’ve been giving a lot of thought to the places we have found ourselves in the last 6 months. Italy, Germany – the land of my family. Romania – Somewhere I never imagined I’d go but wouldn’t trade the experience and am delighted to say I have seen.
Iceland – beloved land of my beloved. The Yonkers Family Home – Where part of my heart will always live, because my beloved friends are there. The Touched by a Horse Ranch – home to me. All of these places have some history to me.

It’s especially interesting these Colorado landmarks. I’ve spent my life split between Arvada – where I grew up, to Firestone where I spent huge chunks of my schooling for horse training, the barn we worked out of was 5 minutes down the road from where we end up living. To Elizabeth where my schooling had brought me for the past 5 years, but so had the horse training program for years before that. It’s like these particular places have dug footholds in my life, my path has been leading me here all this time. Really, truly, the horses have been leading me to these places all this time.

Are there places in your life that have called to you? Have you heeded their call? Are there places that call to you in the present? I urge you to listen.

Not only is my horse here, my friends, and more adopted family, but my beloved man is here too. What a remarkable thing. Had we never packed up our life, sold our worldly possessions and traveled abroad, I wouldn’t have been able to come live here, we had our own house after all.

I spend my morning with the horses, and I fill my days with coaching and training, and also with meditation and observation. I spend my evenings marveling at the huge Elizabeth sky, which is ever changing. I’m not sure exactly what’s next, but I know it will be good. I hope you’ll come along for the ride.

Stay Wild.


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