The Song of Equus

The horses call to me.

In the depths of sadness, depression, confusion, when I have turned away from my path, they quietly nicker, they softly speak, until I turn around.

When my footsteps have carried me too far, when I am lost in the wilderness of all things, they call to me.

They sing the song of my soul, pluck the strands of my heart, reminding me which road leads home.

As I turn from the path others have paved for me, the one with trail signs and markers, and lights that lead to the people – relief floods me. For my purpose is not in the realm of people but in the realm of horses.

The path may not have been paved yet, but there are signs if you know where to find them. There are hoof prints if you look close enough.

I know if I follow the horses, they will lead me back to myself.

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