5 Minutes

I have a lot of thoughts and ideas float through my head every day – thoughts about blogs to write, books to write or read, things to draw or paint. Stuff I should be getting done but can’t quite get around too. Right now I’m in a state of activity and I’ve gotten quite a bit accomplished today. I tackled a “doom pile” consisting of a bill which usually takes me until past a deadline to even look at. I did the dishes, mucked the stalls, and even talked myself into sitting down to write a little, since the blog has been neglected for quite a while now.

There are several blog ideas I have floating up inside my head for weeks now, but I get sucked into overwhelm that leads to a paralysis of doing anything at all. I managed to get myself to sit down and write today by promising that I only have to spend 5 minutes at it and that’s enough – by the way this has nothing to do with any of the ideas floating up inside my brain, this is just a brain dump. A habit I’m going to build, by making sure my desk space and laptop are easily accessible and inviting and taking a teeny weeny bite out of the elephant, instead of staring the thing full in the face and getting stuck. So far so good.

Thanks for bearing with me, I know this isn’t exciting stuff! But the struggle is real and I’ve got to get through it to get to the goods.

My next task for the day will be dinner, something I rarely have trouble diving into, maybe because it’s a necessity that I/we eat and it’s a creative outlet – just speculation. Last night I made a vegetable curry which turned out so good – but have I written down a recipe for you all? No, because I just throw things together and hope for the best, leaving the steps to evaporate into the ether. Writing down recipes was easier while traveling.

Okay that’s all I’ve got for now.

Stay Wild,


Vegetable Curry

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