Horses Helping People heal
Mind. Body. Soul .



  • Horse Basics
  • Learn to Listen
  • Boundary work
  • Overcoming Fear
  • Building Relationship & Trust
  • Confidence on the Ground
  • Confidence in the Saddle


  • Ground Work 
  • Restarting Rescue Horses
  • Restarting “Difficult” Horses
  • Relationship Building
  • Confidence Building
  • Trail Riding


  • Horsemanship Coaching
  • Horse Training – Mobile
  • Horse Training – In House
  • Workshops
  • Private 1 x 1 Equine Gestalt Sessions

Horses are the gateway to discovering your authentic self

Amanda Soper


Amanda’s ability to connect with her client through her confidence, creativity, and feminine energy provides a sacred and safe space in which they can experience, explore and embrace their authentic self. Thank you.

Karin J. – Tallahassee, FL

Trainer of hearts, both horse and human. Shoulder to cry on, hand to hold, protector to hide behind. An example to follow. A gorgeous human who took two very broken souls and showed us how to take care of each other.

Brianna Y. – Longmont, Colorado

Amanda does an amazing job of getting to the heart of her client’s needs. Her questions are gentle and direct. She listens deeply and holds her clients emotions with compassion and tenderness.

Jessica H. – Ramah, CO

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