Horsemanship & Horse Training

Serving the Colorado Front Range

Congratulations! You have a New Best Friend!
By now, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed by all the information out there.
The dream of getting on and riding off into the sunset (or just at home!) might not be matching up with reality. 
Take a deep breath. You’re not alone.
I would love to share my years of horse ownership, equine education, and professional horsemanship experience with you.  I will walk you through all the things you need to know about basic horsemanship, training, and most importantly, building a relationship with your horse.

In my unique Co-Active Horsemanship Program, we go beyond horse training.
We work as a three part team – Horse, Human (You), & Coach (Me)
It is my mission to help you become an educated, responsible, and joyful horse-person.
​Together we focus heavily on building the horse-human connection to ensure a solid partnership that is the best that it can be. 

Amanda is a coach, horse trainer, mentor, friend 💕 Help training my horse and building confidence in us both. Listens to the horse and owner, helps build relationship with horse and owner. More natural horsemanship in my opinion.

Jaime M.

Trainer of hearts, both horse and human. Shoulder to cry on, hand to hold, protector to hide behind. An example to follow. A gorgeous human who took two very broken souls and showed us (🦓💙👱‍♀️) how to take care of each other.

Brianna Y.

Amanda brings the magic out of the unicorns 😍

Jackie A.


  • Relationship Building
  • Horsemanship Coaching
  • Equine Gestalt Coaching
  • Ground Work 
  • Restarting
  • Trail Riding
  • Confidence Building
  • Desensitizing 
  • Trick Training


Client & Rescue Horse Rhett
  • Buying/Fitting Saddles & Tack
  • Grooming & Hoof Care
  • Wound Treatment & Care
  • Nutrition
  • Ground Work  
  • Liberty Work/Games 
  • Riding Basics 
  • And More! 

Clients first ride on his Belgian Draft Horse, Athena

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