Meet the Trainer

Amanda Soper

Co-Active Horsemanship Coach & Horse Trainer

In 2011, I found a horse training program at the local college.  I knew in my heart this was the path I belonged on. 6 years, 2 schools, 735 classroom hours, 1517 lab hours, and 500+ intern hours later, I graduated in December 2017 and opened my training practice in January 2018.  The Spanish California/Nevada Vaquero tradition teaches that everything we do, we do for the welfare of the horse. 

It is my honor to sit on the board for the ACC Horse Management Program. 

​From 2017 – 2019 I was a student and am now a Graduate of the renowned Touched by a Horse Equine Gestalt Coaching Program under the mentor-ship of Founder Melisa Pearce and my coach, Brenda Westwood.

I pulled from  my extensive training to  combine Co-Active Coaching Methods, Gestalt Principles, trauma informed coaching, and various methods of traditional and liberty horsemanship to create my brand of co-active horsemanship & horse training.

Present Day, in my off time I spend time with Molly, who is 30 years young, reading under shady trees and riding bareback, & hanging out with my standard donkey, Murphy. Both Molly & Murphy partner with me  as Equine Coaches to assist the Wild Women on their journey to wholeness & authenticity.

To book a training session or coaching session, please reach out via e-mail

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