Bitter Fruit

It is a bitter taste that slithers itself over her tongue
Her words choke on strange fruit that turns to ash in her mouth. 
All she can do is look on
As a monster lays waste to the world she so carefully, so lovingly built. 
Promises of true love, whispered and caressed into her skin,
shattered at her feet as the knot they tied wrapped around her throat.
Silence is her legacy.

She has not the strength to stand, no will to fight for herself. It is all she can do to get from one day to the next.  So I shall stand before her, draw my sword and fight this battle until she is ready to go to war.

No vicious creature, I will not let you steal the screams from the mouths of our mothers, grandmothers, and ancestors, any longer.
You have been in power too long and now you must bear witness to our rising.
I see you cower there in the shadows terrified of the righteous feminine rage,  terrified of the justice to be doled out should we choose it.
As if we would sink to your subterranean level.
I will not tear you down, as you have torn us down for centuries, but I will rise with my brothers of the awakened and divine masculine.  Together we will grasp the arms of our brothers and sisters held beneath the surface of your oppression, and we will rise as one; an unstoppable force of love with the power to change everything.
You will not stand in our way.
Remember our Faces, Remember our Voices because we will Not be Silenced any longer.
Generational Silence will not be our Legacy.
It’s time to speak out, the world needs your story.

Dear Daughter of the Wild Earth

I understand the pain of this garden you find yourself in, and I promise you there is magic on the other side.

This pain, is absolutely necessary.  There are going to be many doors that will open and you are going to walk through most of them as you find your way. You will find yourself every place you don’t belong until finally, you will find your true home.

You will fall in lust, in like, in hate, and in love with many souls. You will try to re-create the garden you escape from and you will find yourself desperately unhappy and you will always run. You never, ever settle and the path you choose in the end is the right one.

You will find yourself filled with exquisite rage that does not belong to you, but is part of you none the less. There is beauty even there, as you will learn to harness that righteous anger and become a healer.

Always remember, that your sacred heart and the best parts of you are found within the horses and the wolves.  This is where your strength is.  Remember that it’s okay to be the one who loves the most and that your tenderness is a gift. Your softness is not a weakness.  From there, you will grow into your best self.

There are days when you find yourself searching for the Tree of Knowledge; look for it in blue eyes and jack daniels. Allow yourself to love this one. He saves you from yourself  more times than you can count but never tries to tame your wild heart. You will never posess each other and there is immense beauty and freedom in this love.  It wounds initially, but also heals.  He is darkness, but without him, you wont find the light.

In this moment, I can offer you this one single hope;  you’ll have no regrets.
May you always remember the sheer beauty you are, and may you grow to be a light for others in darkness.  I assure you, you are on the right path.
Trust yourself, Trust the Process.

The light at the end of this tunnel is dazzling and he loves you, daughter of the wild earth, with a fierceness and warmth unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.  This pain is absolutely necessary; and then there is love.

With Love,
An Elder Priestess