Phone Coaching

Sister, did you lose yourself in a toxic relationship?
Are you struggling to figure out who you really are, instead of who you’ve been told to be?

Our mission is to help you redefine your life and embrace your most authentic, wild self.

Through phone coaching, I will help you dig deep to create the life & identity that is true to you. Are you ready to discover Radical Joy, Woman?

Phone Coaching is a powerful & cost effective tool to create positive long lasting shifts in your life. Your coach gently guides you and helps you stay accountable as you redefine, rebuild, and recreate your life to reflect your dreams, desires, and vision. Don’t have a clear vision? Coach Amanda can help you there too. Phone coaching is once weekly and is highly personalized. I am looking forward to working with you!

Phone Coaching Session

One Phone Coaching Session


Phone Coaching Package – 4 Sessions

4 Phone Coaching Sessions with Discount $20 Savings! Sessions are once per week & cannot be rolled over to another week. If you miss your call you lose your call.


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