Coaching Services

All Sessions and Events are for Adults 18+ Only

Located in Arvada & Boulder/Lafayette Colorado

Equine Gestalt Coaching & Gestalt Coaching sessions can take many forms and are as unique as you are.
Some women enjoy the experience & connection of EGC in a group,
finding the group setting empowering and enlightening.

Other’s prefer to have their session in private – just you, the horse, and your coach, and they experience more rapid progress, often creating lasting, positive change after their very first session.
In either setting, Coach Amanda will make sure you are treated with love, respect and ensuring the coaching is provided in a safe and nurturing environment.

group sessions

  • Great for any woman seeking community and connection
  • Gain Empowerment & “Borrowed Benefit” by hearing and sharing stories
  • Feel seen and heard in a safe group of like-minded women
  • Often enjoy the presence and gifts of more than one healing equine
  • Great for Extroverts or Introverts looking to stretch their comfort zones!

Weekly Women’s Group

Come for the Horses, Stay for the Connection Spend 2 hours once a week in peace, being seen & heard, drop your pain and baggage on the ground, and leave it there. Walk away feeling lighter, inspired, happier. This 6 week women’s group will set you up for success as we enter the holiday season. You’re not alone. Hang out with some horses, & meet new friends.


private sessions

  • Great for women looking to take their healing and self discovery even deeper
  • Get a full hour and a half of one on one time with the horses
  • Get undivided, one on one attention with your coach
  • Make faster progress on your journey to healing
  • Great for introverts

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