Releasing My Inner Nomad

Staying. It’s never been my M.O.
From the time I could drive, the open road and this wide wide world has called my name. Solo road trips and mountain getaways, were my greatest source of freedom and joy, second only to the horses.
There are people in my sphere today who might be surprised by my inner Nomad, she’s been quieted by my inner student, my inner housewife, my inner worker bee. She’s been in the backseat but she has always been there, and the time has come once more, to release her.

In a few short weeks, my beloved and I embark on the trip of a lifetime. We will begin in Italy, with a home base there to lay our heads and night, and then we adventure and roam wherever our souls desire for a not exactly predetermined amount of time.

Certainly, I have some nerves around the unknown, but I am a Gestaltist. I am well trained on the importance of living in the present, staying in the moment, for the moment is all we have.
To get me through the days leading up to our departure, I remain present. I appreciate those around me. I enjoy the familiar, the comfort of my home and my bed, of veganized American comfort food, and mundane, mind-numbing television.

I know the importance of letting go of things no longer meant for me, and I wish them well on their own journey. I keep gratitude and love in my heart for the things, and the people, carefully selected, who will stay.

My Inner Nomad, as she stands in the present she looks to the horizon, to the adventure stretched out before her, I can feel her heart swell, for her joy is my joy. Her deep inner calling for wild places, for the freedom of travel, is my calling.

She always thought she’d do it alone, live on the open road, travel from place to place, following her inner compass, but we know better now. She and I, we travel with our soul mate, who’s inner nomad has also been ever present, but pushed to the background.

It is a true gift, to find someone who knows your soul, and is willing to risk everything to fulfill each others dreams. I hope you’ll join us on our journey.

I’ll be doing some spiritual exploration surrounding horse training, digging through the muck, to discover whether I want to stay in the industry and try to effect change, or leave it all together.

Make no mistake, I’ll be seeking out the horses wherever our travels take us.

We also, my beloved and I, seek to discover who we are as individuals without the ties of who we’ve been, he in IT and myself in the Equine field. The journey should be interesting, enlightening, and maybe even inspirational to your inner nomad.

May the road rise up to meet you, traveler.

Coach Amanda

Following Gold Lines On The Ground

There are 168 hours in a week. I spend about 15 of those hours in my car traveling from client to client for horse training or Equine Gestalt Coaching sessions.

15 hours a week feeling the whir of the tires on pavement eating up the miles, 15 hours on stretches of road that wind and curve or in traffic that stops and goes. 15 hours of windshield time, to contemplate and meditate in the quiet with the windows down and the sunshine streaming through. 15 hours of listening to music or more likely, seeking inspiration in horse and wellness themed podcasts.

My car smells of hay, stall shavings, horse cookies, old fashioned dirt. There is always mud on the floorboards and horse hair flying through the air, settling over every surface. I have a million water bottles rattling around, and my trunk could double as a mobile tack store. There are books, just in case, and chairs for parking and sitting under the shade of a tree.

My car and the roads on which we travel, represent freedom and possibilities and safety, a space in which I feel entirely myself, where I am the captain of my destiny and an impromptu road trip is only a gas station away. This is my nook in a corner of the world, where I can tap into who I am at my core, and become who I want to be.

I am fortunate to have a few spaces in my life where my authentic self can roam free. I know others are not as lucky, yet I hope you have carved out a space in your world that you call your own. I would love to hear about it. Where is your nook? What does it represent to you?