Exploring Wild Proceno

It’s been a quiet few days here. The calmness of Proceno is soothing. Even with a slight uptick in the holiday “traffic”, we see ten or so people in a day. My favorite hot spot so far, is the grocery store (surprise right?) with its tiny aisles, limited but adequate selection of things, and charming … Continue reading Exploring Wild Proceno

Releasing My Inner Nomad

Staying. It's never been my M.O. From the time I could drive, the open road and this wide wide world has called my name. Solo road trips and mountain getaways, were my greatest source of freedom and joy, second only to the horses. There are people in my sphere today who might be surprised by … Continue reading Releasing My Inner Nomad

Following Gold Lines On The Ground

There are 168 hours in a week. I spend about 15 of those hours in my car traveling from client to client for horse training or Equine Gestalt Coaching sessions. 15 hours a week feeling the whir of the tires on pavement eating up the miles, 15 hours on stretches of road that wind and … Continue reading Following Gold Lines On The Ground