Making Contact

The little blue horse I encountered in the round pen was simply shut down.His eyes alternated between vacant and worried, his body always coiled tight and ready to flee at any moment, yet he stood stock-still as if thinking any wrong move would result in punishment.  Perhaps in his past, that was the case.   How … Continue reading Making Contact

The Horse -Curious, Creative, Whole

Client working with her horse Casper on a new trick Desensitizing has become a somewhat controversial word in the horse industry. On the one hand, we don't want our horses to flee from horse monsters such as plastic bags or bodies of water, puddles, shadows, etc. On the other hand, too much too soon, also … Continue reading The Horse -Curious, Creative, Whole

Reigniting the Fire

"I hate riding." After a stressful ride on a new horse a few weeks ago, I was dismayed to find this thought pop into my mind. When had this sudden and drastic change of opinion about something I'd previously loved, something that I earn my living doing, when had it shifted into this catastrophic and … Continue reading Reigniting the Fire

Trusting the Whispers and Shouts of Intuition – Part 2

A few months ago I wrote about a horse named Rhett and some of the struggles we were having. You can read Part 1 Here After several sessions of dangerous and aggressive behavior, Rhett's owners and I met with a second vet for a second opinion and it was determined he may have a disease … Continue reading Trusting the Whispers and Shouts of Intuition – Part 2

Trusting the Whispers and Shouts of Intuition

I want to talk to you about Intuition and the importance of listening to yours when dealing with horses.   This sweet boy's name is Rhett, he's about 11 years old and his people contacted me to come out to work with him and their mare, Daisy.¬† They are Brand New to horses and eager to … Continue reading Trusting the Whispers and Shouts of Intuition