Healing in the Trees

Sometimes the world of people is an ugly place. Hateful acts are committed every day and the news delights in bringing these horrors into our awareness and into our homes. Fear dances outside our windows and doors, sparking people to withdraw from each other and bunker down, preparing for the end of the world as we know it. We spare little thought to the impact our actions have on the world at large, the day to day actions that are ruining the earth we live on, the division between our fellow humans over petty, manufactured nonsense that will be our ultimate downfall. The future can sometimes look bleak.

In those moments of despair and sadness, I turn to the magic of all that is Nature. The world of humans is often ugly, the Natural world, even in her brutality, is beautiful and something to behold. I take delight in the little doses of nature that sprinkle through my day, my little box of wildflowers still springing up new flowers even in early September, the little basil plant that my love bought us to nurture back to life from its sad existence on the grocery store shelf. I find great joy in the little birds that visit our feeder, their colors beyond anything I ever imagined of common Colorado birds, they’re anything but common the way they shimmer in the sun.

The very seasons themselves offer so much to us, as they move swiftly in and out of our lives. Autumn is a particularly magical time of year for most people, when the colors change and the crisp in the air calls for sweatshirts and warm cups of coffee and tea and time spent with good friends. The light begins to change and shift, bringing with it feelings of nostalgia and something maybe just a little melancholy.

The horses that grace my life are the ultimate magic, of course, the ultimate healing of a fatigued soul. Soft whiskers on a cheek or an excited whinny from the pasture, glistening coats in the dusky evening sun, warm bodies to snuggle up against on chilly mornings. Their magic is pure and good and generous.

When I find myself in need of a lift, the answer is always to get outside and observe the big-little worlds the go on without our noticing, the little squirrels in the trees, the bugs in the grass, the dogs in the yards. Go deeper in nature to the mountains or to the ocean or to the desert until you find the serenity it has to offer you. Get moving, walk if possible, get involved in her magic and see what gifts she has to offer your heart and soul.

What ways does Nature heal you? What are the little magical bits of the day to day that you experience? Take notice if you haven’t before.

In Joy,
Coach Amanda

The Magic Wand Myth

My wish for every client is Joyful Partnership, filled with safety, trust, fun, and adventure.

The wish many of my clients have in the beginning, is for me to wave my magic fairy wand and in a single session, fix the issues that he or she is having with their horse.

Bibbity Boppity Boo – Perfect Horse from a Pumpkin.

The reality is, it doesn’t happen overnight. The bigger reality is, it’s often my human clients that have more to overcome than their equine partners. Fear, low confidence, old story, old trauma, new trauma, grief, these are all roadblocks to having a successful, joyful partnership with your horse. These are all issues that manifest themselves in the horse-human relationship.

Using a combination of Equine Gestalt Coaching & Co-Active Horsemanship I encourage my clients to dig into the muck that is holding them back. The deeper they dig, the more the relationship with their horse and with themselves, begins to blossom.

This blossoming is the cornerstone of my Horsemanship program. Often, we find that once the relationship between horse and human is nurtured and repaired, mixed with a little extra equine knowledge, it creates the “secret recipe.” We see the behavioral or training issues of the horse begin to disappear.

This isn’t a fast process, usually clients who are determined & dedicated are with me anywhere from six months to 2 years, others are self-professed “Lifers” because they enjoy the work and deep connection so much, and there are others who reach out only when new blocks pop up, we work through them, and part ways until next time.

There is no one “right way” to achieve your goals. The key is patience, consistency, listening ears and love for your horse.

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I’m located in Colorado, however I have some programs in the works to help reach people & equines across the nation, if you’re interested in something out of state please reach out for more info.