All Else Will Follow

Dear Woman, My wish for you, is that you are able to stop breaking your own heart. Stop seeking out others who are undeserving of you. You look in the mirror and you see someone who is mean and impatient, awkward, unworthy. You listen to the lies of spurned lovers like its the gospel truth … Continue reading All Else Will Follow

The Cost of Neglect

Dear Woman, I am so sorry that you knew fear at such a tender age. I am sorry that you woke up alone, with nobody there to comfort you from your nightmares. It isn't right, that the wants of adults were put before the needs of your little soul. It isn't right that you were … Continue reading The Cost of Neglect

Dark Night of the Soul and the Light Within

During many dark nights of my soul so far this year, I found myself staring into the abyss. I have peered in before, never lingering long, passing curiosity and fear of damnation moving me onward swiftly, before gravity could pull me in. This time, I sat down on the rim of the well of darkness, … Continue reading Dark Night of the Soul and the Light Within