Playtime with Snickers I’m always looking for new ways to engage with Snickers because he & I just don’t click. Riding him feels like a chore for both of us because he has so little forward inclination. In an effort to connect with him, I started looking for creative ways to play. Using body language and verbal … Continue reading Playtime with Snickers

Following Gold Lines On The Ground

There are 168 hours in a week. I spend about 15 of those hours in my car traveling from client to client for horse training or Equine Gestalt Coaching sessions. 15 hours a week feeling the whir of the tires on pavement eating up the miles, 15 hours on stretches of road that wind and … Continue reading Following Gold Lines On The Ground

Out of the Saddle

Molly "Do you still ride her?" I'm asked this question nearly every time we meet someone new. Molly turned 30 years young this May. We don't ride very often anymore, and when we do it's often bareback in a halter and lead rope, around the farm or a short jaunt down the trail ... but … Continue reading Out of the Saddle