Jessica – Ramah, CO
Amanda does an amazing job of getting t the heart of her client’s needs. Her questions are gentle and direct. She listens deeply and holds her client’s emotions with compassion and tenderness. A beautiful, powerful coach.

Heather K. – Virginia
Amanda, you coached me brilliantly through some personal work that involved our mutual mentor. Your coaching was kind, patient, and spot-on. Your calm presence and pointed questions moved me toward clarity. Many Thanks!

Nicole F. – Cave Creek, AZ
Thank you so much for being you. Your guidance of morning circle and check in was very moving & powerful. You have a beautiful soul and I see & appreciate you.

Heike V. – Elizabeth, CO
You are a very focused and creative coach.
I appreciate your clarity and connection very much!!! To me, you feel deep into a person and hit the bullseye on what the individual needs. You Rock!!!

Karin J. – Tallahassee, FL
Amanda’s ability to connect with her client through her confidence, creativity, and feminine energy provides a sacred and safe space in which they can experience, explore and embrace their authentic self. Thank you.

Lisa P. – Colorado
Amanda, you are a beautiful, strong and loving coach. You have a gentle strength that creates a safe place for your clients to do their work. Keep Shining Your Light!

Lynn M. – Denver, CO
Your coaching is phenomonal. You make your client feel safe. Very Caring.

Cassanda J. – Wisconsin
Wow! You are an amazing coach! The way you connect with others is inspiring! You truly are a guiding light & will touch all hearts that come your way. Feeling Blessed to know you.