What is Equine Gestalt Coaching?

Gestalt is a german word that roughly translates to how things are put together to form a whole. In Gestalt Coaching, we believe that you are already a whole person, not broken as you might believe at this time.

Imagine yourself as a puzzle in a box, all the pieces are already there, they simply need to be put together for the whole picture to form.

Gestalt is different from talk therapy. We believe that the body speaks first; Our backs ache, our stomachs get upset, migraines plague us, these are not random occurrences, this happens because our memories and traumas are literally stored within.

Gestalt coaching offers you a way to release whatever pain, hurt, anger, or sadness you’ve been holding onto internally, leave it in the sand of the arena, and walk away feeling lighter, breathing easier.

Why Horses?

Horses naturally embody gestalt. They are always living in the present moment, they listen to their bodies, they are highly intuitive, and they seek congruence or wholeness within themselves, as well as with us.

It is difficult to explain the healing magic of horses, it is something that really needs to be experienced first hand. Each person’s journey with a horse in the arena is unique and cannot be duplicated, however the horse always makes a big impact, and seeks to help you heal, find your authenticity, and your truth. The pictures below are a small sample of horses (and my donkey) working their magic with clients.

When we partner together – horse, coach, and client (you) – Equine Gestalt Coaching becomes a safe space for you to heal your heart, find yourself, and reach your fully empowered potential. For more information please contact me using the form below